Sylvania  LED Light Bulk, 6W (2x1ea)

$12.98 ea

 $6.49 ea

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Sylvania  LED Light Bulk, 6W  (2x1ea)

  • $6.49/ 1 ea
  • Product Number:   20961973_EA

    Product Description

    50 w replacement using 6 w*.


    PAR20 LED - 525 CD.

    PAR20 Halogen - 515 CD.


    May only be used in an UL - approved outdoor fixture..

    **Saves up to $53.

    ** Each bulb saves $53 in energy costs over the average rated life (11,000 hours) of the lamp compared to a 50W PAR20 halogen bulb. Based on 11¢/kwh. LED lamp lifetime is defined as the number of hours when 50% of a large group of identical lamps reaches 70% of its initial lumens.